Horn of Africa Crisis Continues

The Horn of Africa is facing its worst drought in forty years, and out of it, a major hunger crisis has unfolded.


Consecutive failed rainy seasons have led to withering crops and dying livestock – leaving families with little to no source of income. Most of the countries previously relied on imports from Ukraine – now that imports are blocked, prices have risen by up to 400%.


We heard from Hibo (ActionAid Women’s Rights Officer): “One of our communities receives a lot of internal displacement from other regions. Although this village is short of resources…they give one month of food to the communities who migrate there. Even if after that one month, both communities will face difficulty, they want to make sure that those people are not dying in front of them.”


Aerial view of impact of drought in village in Somaliland


With the incredible support of people like you, ActionAid has already been addressing the ongoing drought in Somaliland over the past three years. The women-led crisis response has focused on the promotion of women’s rights and the protection of women against gender-based violence and exploitation.


In Somaliland, ActionAid manages a network consisting of 85 women’s coalitions, 25 safe spaces, and 30 self-help groups. In these spaces, women hold meetings, raise awareness and monitor the situations of other vulnerable women in the community.

Thank you for helping make these steps forward a reality. Right now, we are scaling-up our response to the crisis. As the situation becomes more severe, there is an urgent need for solidarity with those vulnerable in the Horn of Africa.

Donate today to provide urgently needed food, water, safe shelter and support for women in dire need.


Amina Yusuf, 90-year-old who has lived through 12 different droughts, from Xidhinta, Somaliland