Judith Lucy in Haiti

“I want women and men to have equal rights all over the world. I want women to be educated. I want women to have as much power as men… I want that in Haiti, I want that in Australia. I want violence against women to stop… I know that is exactly what ActionAid is trying to accomplish.” – Judith Lucy, ActionAid Australia Ambassador and comedian



In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck the south west of Haiti, causing widespread flooding, damage to roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals. 2.1 million people were affected in the aftermath.

During emergencies, women face a greater struggle for survival. They face increased risk of violence and do the bulk of caring work which goes unrecognised, undervalued and under resourced.

Yet when women lead emergency responses, it can be a catalyst for positive social change.

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, ActionAid supported a women-led humanitarian response. Women and the most vulnerable members of Grand Anse were supported to secure their safety, access vital resources, and to train in women’s rights and protection.

Recently, ActionAid Australia Ambassador and renowned comedian Judith Lucy travelled to Haiti to meet the women leading the recovery. She saw, first hand, how women were worse affected by the emergency. Yet she also admired their resilience and strength as they stepped up to lead and create change in their communities.



Today, women leaders in Haiti continue to work to ensure that their communities are prepared for future disasters. 


Find out more about ActionAid’s work with women in emergencies.


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