Undermining Women's Rights: Digging Deeper


This is our second year of tracking the number of coal, oil and gas projects owned and/or run by ASX-listed companies in low income countries and mapping their carbon potential. 

In 2017, we published Undermining Women’s Rights: Australia’s global fossil fuel footprint, a report which shed a light for the first time on the number of fossil fuel projects being operated or planned by ASX-listed companies. 

The update from 2018 in Undermining Women’s Rights: Digging Deeper is concerning: despite the total number of projects declining, their potential carbon emissions are increasing. With only years left to limit carbon emissions and keep global warming to 1.5 degrees to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change, Australian companies continue to undermine women’s rights by expanding their fossil fuel footprint. 

Fossil fuel extraction is a feminist issue and has disproportionate impacts on women, both for those living in communities directly affected by fossil fuel mining operations and also for women living in poverty who have less resources to adapt to the impacts of climate change.  

This update also tracks the lack of progress made by the Australian Government on improving the accountability of ASX-listed fossil fuel companies, and highlights further ways that the government can ensure that these companies respect the rights of women around the world. 


2019 Report: Undermining Women’s Rights – Digging Deeper

2018 Report: Undermining Women’s Rights – Australia’s global fossil fuel footprint


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"I can’t see any good from PNG LNG, can’t see any empowerment of women. Sewing, baking and cooking is not empowerment."

Alice Arigo, women’s rights advocate

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