Top 9 Self-Care Tips for Social Isolation


Check out our list of top nine activities to keep you entertained in social isolation:

  1. Try Meditation or yoga Meditation is amazing for relieving the stress and anxieties caused by COVID-19. Yoga with Adrienne is free on YouTube and is suitable for all those of us just dabbling in Yoga or if you’ve been at it a bit longer and want to nail that headstand.
  2. Create a Routine Set goals, organise your calendar and make lists so that you can avoid those feelings of purposelessness. Even if you only accomplish simple tasks it will help satisfy that need to be productive.
  3. Do Chores Whether it be cleaning out those kitchen cupboards or finally organising your closet, now is the perfect time to work on those pesky chores you never seem to have time for.
  4. FaceTime your friends and family Many of us are feeling a bit isolated right now which makes it all that much more important to stay connected with our loved ones. Netflix Party allows multiple people to sync up Netflix accounts and watch TV shows or movies together apart.
  5. Learn a new skill Take up an instrument, try your hand at watercolours, spend some time trying to nail that yoga pose or get your tastebuds working and have a go at baking. In the digital age, there are so many fun and free apps that help you learn your chosen skill.
  6. Take an online class If you love learning anything and everything, consider joining a course online. There’s a wealth of paid and free courses in everything you can imagine from cooking classes to scientific thinking, acting taught by famous actors, or communication skills. 
  7. Create a Vision Board Arts and crafts are not just for kids! Set goals for the future and create a vision board for post COVID-19 life. What plans do you have in place for when all of this is over? What are you looking forward to most when life returns to normal?
  8. Learn a new recipe If you are looking for family activities, host an at home ‘chopped challenge’. Give each person five ingredients to cook and see what dish they can come up with.
  9.  Draw, play a board game, do a puzzle, read, have a picnic The list of social isolation activities doesn’t stop at ten – dust off an old board game or puzzle to play with the family, read up on topics that interest you or reread your old favourites. The list is endless!