Update from Ukraine

It’s been more than six months since Russian armed forces entered Ukraine on the 24th February 2022. In that time, millions of Ukrainian families have been forced to flee their homes, leaving behind loved ones, livelihoods and almost everything they own.

Over 13 million people have been displaced by the ongoing war, and the vast majority of refugees are made up of women and children. Having already fled from violence in their hometowns, displaced women were confronted with new risks as they sought refuge.

Thankfully, your generous support reached over 100,000 women refugees who fled Ukraine, protecting them from human trafficking, exploitation and gender- based violence. ActionAid has been working with 22 local partners in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova to provide emergency relief, dignity kits, trauma counselling and safe spaces for vulnerable women displaced by the war.

ActionAid at Ukraine Shelter

In June, Carol Angir was deployed to Romania and Moldova as part of ActionAid’s emergency response team and had the opportunity to work together with humanitarian organisations and women’s rights organisations about their protection strategies and crisis responses.

Carol also offered her support to Ukrainian women refugees, hearing heart-breaking firsthand accounts about their journeys and their concerns around safety, security and dignity.

“When people talk about resolving conflict, they talk about arms, they talk about military, they talk about power and they talk about money. The women’s agenda gets brought very late to the table. We have the capability to link those women and organisations to the right structures and raise funding to support them – and that’s exactly what we did.

We cannot thank you enough for supporting this emergency response, and for helping the women who were forced to leave their homes behind in search of safety.