Your daily coffee can support women across the world


ActionAid is on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis, helping to stop the spread and save lives as the pandemic hits the world’s poorest countries. With the spread of the virus, women are facing a triple threat.

Without immediate action, coronavirus could prove disastrous for the world’s poorest countries where millions live in overcrowded conditions without access to clean water or medical care. 

For the cost of your commute, dinner out or round of drinks, you can support women facing an emergency like no other. Your support means women can deliver emergency food supplies, create women-friendly safe spaces and distribute hygiene kits.

Women across the world are, right now, leading the coronavirus response; delivering ration kits in Bhopal, India to creating handwashing stations in Haiti and Nigeria to creating safe spaces for women in Cox’s Bazar. However, it is vital that we continue to support this work to slow the spread of the virus through the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Will you make a tax-deductible donation of $30 by June 30th? 

Here’s how you can help! 

  1. Donate at
  2. Snap a picture! Take a picture or video of yourself either with your daily coffee, on your commute, getting takeout or even just a selfie. We want to know what you’re donating. 
  3. What’s your why? Tell us, in just a few words, what you’re donating and why. For example:
    I’m donating my daily coffee so that women across Bangladesh can be safe from violence during COVID-19. 
  4. Upload the your personal social media accounts (either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) using the #DonateyourDaily hashtag. Tag us in your posts!
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An Emergency Like No Other: Make a donation today!

ActionAid is working with local women on the frontline, helping to stop the spread and save lives as the pandemic hits the world’s poorest countries. Please make sure that women facing the coronavirus pandemic are not forgotten. Will you make a tax-deductible donation by June 30th?