Tell the Australian Government: commit to serious climate action now

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This week countries from all over the world, Australia included, are meeting in Madrid for the annual UN climate talks. 

There’s never been a more important time for serious climate action. Millions of people in Africa are facing a food and water crisis because of drought. Sea level rises are threatening to destroy the homes of our low-lying Pacific neighbours. And women in low to middle income countries are bearing the brunt of it.

When there’s no food or clean water, when disaster strikes, or when a family member gets sick from the impacts of mining in their community, women are forced to bear the burden. 

As Australia is at the UN Conference of Parties now we need to do everything we can to get our Government to step up. Because the future of gender equality and our planet depends on it. That’s why we’re asking that you stand with us today and call on the Australian Government to commit to serious action at the UN climate talks now. 


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