Call on the Australian Government to deliver tax justice for women

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Mining companies that avoid paying tax in low-income countries undermine women’s rights.

Right now, the Australian Government does not require Australian mining, oil and gas companies to disclose what tax payments they make for their overseas projects – even though the EU, UK, Canada, and many other countries do.

Write to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and demand the Government implements mandatory disclosure to support tax justice for women.

Abebi in the classroom in Nigeria

Abebi teaches in a primary school in Nigeria with no electricity or water and with no working toilet. Tax helps fund vital public services like education and transportation.

Australia has the second largest mining presence in the world and the largest in Africa. But without greater transparency, it is impossible to know exactly how much low-income countries are losing in public revenue due to Australian mining companies avoiding paying their fair share of tax.

When big companies don’t pay their taxes, they’re robbing women and communities of vital public services such as education, healthcare, and accessible transport. All of these public services are critical to ensuring women have access to their rights and to achieving gender equality.