📣 Tell Resgen: consult the women of Lephalale!

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A huge Australian-owned coal mine could get the greenlight as soon as next week––and it’s set to have devastating impacts on our climate and women living in a small South African town nearby.

ActionAid previously worked with women in the town of Lephalale to document the human rights impacts and broken promises of Resgen and its contractors. This mining company has failed to deliver promised essential services such as water, sanitation and electricity, and to adequately consult the Lephalale community. In the past it’s also denied community members the right to visit the graves of relatives.

In 2018, our movement won the campaign to stop Australia’s export credit agency from funding this huge mine. It’s a huge win for people power––but the fight isn’t over.

Right now, Resgen is just one step away from starting construction on its dirty Boikarabelo mine. While the world’s attention turns to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Resgen is holding the most important vote in the company’s history to get shareholders to approve additional funding to proceed with this destructive project.

Resgen’s only major asset is the Boikarabelo project. With limited financial resources, the future of the company relies on this shareholder approval.

We need your help to act fast. Resgen’s shareholders have until THIS Sunday 5 April to lodge their vote online.

Will you sign this urgent petition calling on Resgen’s shareholders to not proceed with this mine until they’ve consulted the women and community of Lephalale first?