Five quick but impactful ways you can take action this IWD

Here at ActionAid, we know that International Women’s Day is about more than just having a conversation – it’s about taking action and making a change.


That’s why we’re sharing these simple steps you can take to support women on the frontlines of climate change, conflict and economic injustice.

Whether you’re signing a petition or donating a few dollars, one small action can help women create big changes in their communities.

Here are our top five feminist actions you can take to support women right now:

1. Ensure that women garment workers are paid their wages

While brands like Nike are making millions in profit, women garment workers aren’t being paid enough to feed their families. If this riles you up as much as it does us, join us in demanding the big brands to pay their workers what they’re owed.

Send a message to Nike!


2. Help the women fleeing Ukraine

Over a million people and counting have been forced to flee Ukraine, leaving behind their lives and their loved ones. Around 75% of the refugees are women and girls. You can help us provide dignity kits, trauma counselling and safe spaces for the women and their families fleeing conflict in Ukraine.

Donate now!


3. Volunteer with your local activist group

If you want to meet like-minded people and learn how to campaign for women’s rights in your community then join your local ActionAid Activist group today. You’ll learn how to host community events, talk to your local MP’s raise the profile of women’s rights issues.


4. Follow our socials

Stay up to date on the issues you care about. Follow ActionAid Australia to get exclusive stories and interviews from the women driving change in their communities and be the first to know about upcoming events and new ways to support.


5. Watch a quick video about the inspiring women leading their communities through crisis

Every day of the year local women are the heroes of our stories. Watch this 2-min video to see how women are coming together to protect their communities from climate emergencies and humanitarian disasters.

Thanks for your support not just on International Women’s Day 2022, but every single day of the year as we build a just, equitable and sustainable world where all women thrive!