ActionAid Australia Organisational Strategy 2017-2022

In Australia we have a moral responsibility as a wealthy nation, and an opportunity, to act on the interconnected challenges facing women of economic injustice, the climate crisis, and humanitarian emergencies.


Certain Australian government and corporate policies and practices contribute significantly to these challenges at a global scale, and the consequences are visible at home and abroad.

Here in Australia, we must act in solidarity with those fighting for a more just world, and take action to hold Australian decision makers to account. We must continue to connect our struggles in Australia with the international struggles of women who are fighting for economic justice, climate justice, and their rights in emergencies. Together, we can build a different pathway for humanity.

Our focus areas:

  • EMPOWERMENT: Supporting women living in poverty and exclusion to gain a more equitable distribution of resources through gender-responsive public services, decent work, and access to and control over productive and natural resources.
  • SOLIDARITY: Resourcing and strengthening feminist alliances and movements working to transform the economic system and shifting the narrative on economic policies by ensuring the voices and priorities of women are central to public debate.
  • CAMPAIGNING: Campaigning for government policies on tax, trade, and privatisation to promote justice for women living in poverty and exclusion around the world, and exposing Australian corporations when their practices undermine women’s economic justice in the communities where we work.
  • ALTERNATIVES: Providing a feminist analysis of the economic policies in Australia that impact on the lives of women we work with, and driving just alternatives with the women we work with and allies to secure the global redistribution of women’s unpaid care work.


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ActionAid Australia Strategy 2017-2022

Find out how we are supporting women who are fighting for economic justice, climate justice, and their rights in emergencies.

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