ActionAid responds to the devastating blast in Beirut

ActionAid is shocked and saddened by the horrific explosion in Beirut and our thoughts are with those affected.


With at least 100 people dead within hours and thousands more injured, we expect the death toll will rise and the devastating damage to the capital city will leave hundreds of thousands homeless.

Spokesperson Caroline McCausland, County Director for ActionAid Lebanon says: “Injured residents are flooding hospitals, pushing them past capacity, and the death toll is expected to rise as the clean-up operation gets under way.

“Huge stocks of food and medical supplies were destroyed, leaving Lebanon with a wheat reserve of just 20 days, meaning a food crisis is imminent. A quarter of a million people are estimated to have lost their homes so families will need alternative shelters and fast.

“ActionAid is on the ground in Lebanon working with local partners to support families already hit by Covid-19 with essential supplies like food, hygiene kits, masks and shelter.  Half the population of Lebanon already lives below the poverty line and people have been struggling with a refugee crisis, collapsing economy, the pandemic – and now this.”

“ActionAid’s priority in emergencies is always to ensure the safety of women and girls, who face the greatest dangers in the aftermath of any disaster.”

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Emergency Appeal: Beirut Explosion

ActionAid is on the ground in Beirut working with local partners to support some of the worst-hit families with essential supplies like food, hygiene kits, masks and shelter.