Annual Report 2015


In 2015, across the globe, the strong women whom we support in communities in low-income countries stood up and claimed their human rights.

These ranged from women farmers adapting to the impact of climate damage in sub-Saharan Africa to young people learning to influence their governments to ensure fairer policies regarding resources and services in Myanmar.

We supported thousands of people to stand in solidarity to create substantial change.

We completed five-year projects in collaboration with women in Uganda and Kenya. We responded to major emergencies in Vanuatu and Nepal. In doing so, we simultaneously strengthened women’s long-term resilience to conflict and disasters in the communities of these countries. Our responses are creating an alternative to traditional humanitarian work, ensuring that women’s roles as leaders are strengthened and their rights are protected in and through these emergency responses.

What's in our 2015 Annual Report?

In this Report, we spoke about where we work, cultivating rights in Uganda and creating safe cities for women.

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