Women Stepping Forward in Palestine: Evaluation Report

The southern West Bank is profoundly impacted by the Israeli occupation, and Palestinians have experienced loss of land and livelihoods, displacement, family dislocation, restrictions on movement and planning developments, lack of basic services and destruction of infrastructure.


Within this context, women’s opportunities and freedoms are further limited as a result of social and cultural norms, which isolate women within their homes and restrict opportunities for women to participate in or demonstrate their capacity to contribute to strengthening their communities.

ActionAid has been working in the occupied Palestinian territory for 10 years, predominantly in the Hebron governorate, where it has its headquarters, as well as implementing an emergency response in Gaza. ActionAid’s main activities include promotion of women’s rights and women’s economic empowerment; youth empowerment, capacity building and strengthening of CBOs/NGOs and advocacy related to access to services and the impacts of the occupation.

The rationale for undertaking the evaluation is to independently assess the effectiveness of the approach and the implementation of the program over the last 3 years and to provide feedback to inform future programming.


Download here:

Evaluation Report 2018: Women Stepping Forward in Palestine



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