How you can put the fun in fundraising

Want to roll up your sleeves and get active for women rights?  


Our community is made up of amazing people like Renee and Hannah who have taken action for women’s rights by starting a fundraiser in their communities. 

Whether it’s a bake sale, birthday, haircut or hike there’s no limit to how you can raise funds to support our women-led programs.  

Want to turn your next event into a force for change? 



Here’s how our fundraising hall-of-famers, Renee and Hannah are making the world a brighter place for women.  

Shaving the planet! 

Renee took action (and clippers) into her own hands when she raised money to support communities experiencing the impacts of climate change. 

“My heart breaks for people on the frontlines of the climate crisis who are least responsible for causing it. We know that women in particular have limited access to the resources needed to respond to, or mitigate against, the instability that climate change brings to their communities” Renee shared with us. 

As a passionate ecofeminist, Renee went to great lengths (or cut great lengths off) in her fight for climate justice.  

Here’s the challenge she set herself:
1. Under $1000: I’ll cut about 30cms of hair
2. $1000-1499: I’ll go blonde
3. $1500+: Get the clippers! I’ll shave my head 

Renee’s journey with ActionAid started on a study tour that she took to Myanmar a few years ago.

Women standing in front of informative posters

A photo Renee took during her trip with ActionAid to Myanmar.. 


In Myanmar she spoke with local women and listened to their experiences with gender-based violence, poverty and climate change. Renee was inspired by the women she met who were strong and passionate about helping each other. Listening to their stories Renee learnt what progress these women had made since receiving support and training from local ActionAid staff and wanted to be a part of this change.

“Action Aid directly supports women in some of the most vulnerable communities to be leaders. This is work I have been lucky enough to see myself, when I partook in a study tour to Myanmar, co-lead by ActionAid. I learnt about the many contributing factors to instability and violence for women” Renee said.  

Now you must be wondering… Did she do it? Did Renee reach her goal and shave her head?  

We’re excited to announce that YES, she did it! Renee smashed her original goal of $1500 and raised a whopping $1660 to help women protecting their communities from climate disasters.  


Running for women’s rights 

Earlier this year, Hannah and her friend Natalia ran 10kms to support women’s rights in emergencies! 

Seeing the devastation caused by the invasion of Ukraine, Hannah stepped up to support our Ukraine crisis appeal. Thanks to people like Hannah we’ve been able to work with partners on the ground in Romania, Moldova and Poland to provide protection shelters and services for women fleeing conflict.  

Hannah trained for 8 weeks for the run and reached her goal of raising $1000! This means that we can provide more dignity kits, trauma counselling and safe spaces for women escaping the conflict.

“Equal rights are essential for economic prosperity. Societies that value women and men as equal are safer and healthier. Gender equality is a human right. Gender equality prevents violence against women and girls. Everyone benefits from gender equality. I want to help make the world a better place,” Hannah shared with us.  

Thank you to everyone who chooses to fundraise with us, we are so grateful for your commitment to making the world a fairer, safer and brighter place for women.  

Want to start your own fundraiser? You can fundraise at any time of the year, just head over to our Fundraising Hub to register your event.