Update: Indonesia earthquake and tsunami


On September 2018, a series of earthquakes struck the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. They were followed by a tsunami with waves up to 6 metres tall that devastated the city of Palu.

The disaster killed over two thousand people and seriously injured thousands more. Over 1.4 million people were affected by the devastating impacts of the earthquake. We know women are usually most affected by disasters like this, with a greater risk of experiencing gender based violence.

We worked with women at the centre of the crisis, who mobilised and responded immediately to ensure women’s needs were met. Thank you for your support!

How has ActionAid responded to the crisis?

Our office in Indonesia, YAPPIKA ActionAid, has been on the ground, working with local partners to provide emergency supplies like food, water and shelter to those most affected.

Together we have:
  • Mobilised a women centred emergency response, reaching over 60,000 people and distributing supplies including tents, tarpaulins, water, food, nappies, sanitary protection, baby powder, baby oil, sarongs and baby clothes.
  • Activated a women-led protection and livelihoods recovery programme reaching 22,728 people.
  • Set up 3 Women Friendly Spaces reaching 2000 women living in areas affected.
  • Provided food support to 1,785 families through community kitchen and food kits.

Thanks to your generosity, Indonesia is slowly rebuilding their communities after the catastrophic events that occurred last September.

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