Fundraising 101

Tips on how to get your fundraising idea off the ground

One thing we always hear is that people want to make an impact though fundraising, but don’t know where to start. We want to give you a few simple tips on how to make a difference for women facing injustice around the world, while also having fun!


1. Use your passion

You might be a fitness enthusiast, a movie buff or a social butterfly. Whatever your passion, you can use it to support women around the world.

Why not host a dinner party or a movie night and charge an entry fee, or hold a bake sale or potluck lunch at work for $10 a plate? If you have a skill others may want to learn, organise a workshop or get creative and sell your items at a market. You could also choose to challenge yourself by setting a personal challenge like running or walking 5km a day for a month, or climb a landmark that people can get behind. Here are some great examples that our supporters have come up with in the past.

2. Set up a fundraising page

The best way to get started is to have fun personalising your fundraising page – after all, this is where everyone will go to support your initiative.

It is so easy to set up a page on Raisley. Upload a photo of yourself, add a description of your challenge and explain why you’ve chosen to raise funds to support women around the world. Don’t forget to make it personal and share your story.

3. Get the ball rolling

Show everyone your dedication and passion for women’s rights by being the first to make a gift to your donation page. This tells your friends you mean business and that this is important to you. Plus, it brings you one step closer to your fundraising target.

The amount you donate may set the bar for others so give what you can. You’ll be surprised who ends up supporting you!

4. Show them the difference

Your efforts will be raising critical funds to support strong women around the world to claim their rights, and receive recognition for their daily labour. Share a story of a strong woman and get inspired by the transformative impact you and your supporters are having on the lives of women around the world, who with ActionAid’s support are rising up to fight injustice and inequality. You can find some great examples of the women your fundraising is supporting on our site.

5. Keep updating

Everyone is busy! Chances are your fundraiser has fallen off their radar so they’ll need a gentle reminder from you just in case they forget. Social media will be your best friend for updates but don’t forget to be personal and also use emails, texts and good old phone calls and personal visits. Trust us, it works!

6. Show gratitude

Make sure to thank everyone who donates to your fundraising page! They believe in you and your initiative supporting strong women around the world to rise up and claim their rights. It’s important to keep them inspired and saying ‘thank you’ goes along way. Making a public thank you, such as a Facebook post that tags them, may also inspire others to give to your campaign.

7. Stay in touch

Last but not least don’t forget to stay in touch with our fundraising team. We will help and guide you every step of the way, from launching your idea, sending across any suitable merchandise and maybe even getting an ActionAid speaker at your event, we will do everything we can to make your fundraiser a success.


We can’t wait to hear from you and help raise funds for women’s rights around the world!


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